About us

Braincord Press is a library of activity books. We release books for people from all walks of life. We believe in keeping our brain stress-free to live our life fully. Our puzzles are designed in a way so that you can push your cerebral limits a little further while having incredible fun.


As physical activities are important to keep up with our physical health, likewise cerebral activities such as playing chess, poker, puzzles, etc. are important to keep up with our brain health.

Do you know that scientists at Western Washington University found that playing Sudoku helped people get those earworm songs out of their heads faster by providing a healthy distraction. Earworm is a sticky song that continuously occupies your mind even after it is no longer being played.

Do you also know that the American Alzheimer’s Association has endorsed Sudoku as a Brain Game that might help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and some researchers believe that playing mentally stimulating puzzle games like Sudoku might be a good way to reduce our risk of dementia as we get older.

Our Sudoku Books Contain:

  1. Total 300 to 1200 Sudoku puzzles.
  2. Easy, Medium, Hard & Extreme difficulty levels.
  3. Variety of grid sizes from 4×4 to 16×16.
  4. 14 Sudoku variations
  5. Instructions and solving techniques are also provided.
  6. Answers to all the puzzles are also provided.

 Our Books Offer You:

  1. An excellent and affordable brain training tool.
  2. A wonderful way to keep the kids & elderly busy and occupied.
  3.  Minimize your electronic screen time.
  4. Boosts logical and quick-thinking skills by keeping your mind sharp.
  5. Great mental exercise to improve memory, brainpower, and concentration.
  6. Sudoku requires players to think strategically and solve problems creatively.
  7. You will learn how to make decisions and take actions with less hesitation.
  8. Hours and hours of amusement with never-ending Sudokus.

Every page comes with an allowance for tearing out a page to take or share with other family members. Fun gift and entertainment for the whole family, which promotes healthy competition.

The puzzle boxes are large enough to write more than one number (Candidate Numbers) to try out some combinations in any box. Also, the large font makes puzzle solving enjoyable without eyestrain for people who have trouble seeing like seniors and people with diseases like macular degeneration.

The books are made with high-quality thick paper for erasing without tearing the paper apart and the quality paper allows frequent corrections and it does not get scratched easily.

People who bought our books found it much handy to use even if it is not a spiral bound.

If you are a novice and not good with numbers we have given Sudoku rules and some solving techniques inside this book. We also advise you to use some advanced Sudoku solving techniques such as Swordfish, X Wing, Y Wing, XY Wing, Sole candidate, Naked subset, etc. by using online resources. As you keep on solving these puzzles your brain will crave for more as your pattern recognition skill rises. You’ll be an expert Sudoku puzzle solver by the time you finish this book.

Solve Sudokus before going to bed to give your brain a challenge, it also relaxes your brain to get rid of the day’s news events by bringing a sense of calm and order. No matter how busy your life is, Sudoku offers a relaxing way to take a break from the world around you. Many people make Sudoku a part of their daily schedule because it refreshes them and allows them to meet other commitments with renewed energy and reduced anxiety.

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Your brain will love you for sure.