Graph Paper Notebook: Grid Size 4×4



  • Total book pages:- 110 (Grid pages + Index).
  • Grid pages:- 108 (54 sheets if the front and back pages are counted as 1).
  • Index included:- Yes.
  • Numbered pages:- Yes.
  • Interior:- Graph paper quad ruled on white paper.
  • Grid:- 4×4, 4 squares per inch.
  • Cover:- Glossy finish.
  • Size:- 8.5 x 11 inch.

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Always be on top of your projects, assignments, homework and everyday activities with this amazing Graph Paper Notebook.


  • Quad ruled paper means graph ruled paper having squares.
  • The squares are light gray (not dark black), so they do not dominate against whatever you write in the book.
  • Works well with highlighters.
  • You can cut the pages off and use it as a loose leaf.
  • The notebook binding allows it to lay flat when open.
  • High quality paper that doesn’t bleed for most of the pens.
  • The book is not too heavy so you can carry it anywhere you want.

This 110-page notebook is great for schoolwork that lasts longer. Best for children who are terrible at handwriting. Kids often make math errors simply because they don’t line up the digits, graph paper helps keep everything in line.

With this notebook you can teach the elementary and primary grade students how to write in the space provided and also for upper grade students to align their multiplication, divisions and Cornell notes.

Graph paper best suits high school algebra, geometry and trigonometry where it is difficult to write on a usual college ruled paper.


  • Use them to make Crossword grids.
  • You can keep track of your Chess moves.
  • The grids can be easily turned into Mazes.
  • Students can use it to plan their builds in Minecraft.
  • Great notebook to draw maps, dungeons, and other items for adventure games.


  • Great planner notebook.
  • Giftable to your loved ones.
  • Great for 3D printing class.
  • Perfect for graphing equations.
  • It helps to organize your notes.
  • Use to track your medication intake.
  • Use as engineering notebooks at work.
  • Great for lettering and pattern design.
  • Use for computer programming languages.
  • Use for art projects and bullet journaling.
  • Great for lab write-ups, math courses and accounting classes.
  • Great for organizing thoughts in a professional, thought-out manner.
  • Great for creating sketches, stitching patterns, floor plans and much more.

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